Under Obama The Illegal Immigration Problem Is The Worst It’s Ever Been, Just Look At THESE Numbers

It is no secret that the problem with illegal immigration has worsened under Obama’s time in office.  As illegal immigrants continue to pour over the open border without opposition, very little is being done to process them and return them to their country.

In 2009, the backlog of illegal immigrants waiting for their turn in front of a U.S. immigration judge was at 223,809. According to the Daily Caller, that number has more than doubled and now stands at an all time high of 496,704.

In addition to the growing number of illegal immigrants, the overburdened system has increased the average wait times for immigration cases to be heard. In 2009 the wait time was over a year with an average of 430 days. Now it is nearly a two year wait period with an average of 672 days.

Part of the problem is the lack of judges to handle the cases. There are currently 273 immigration judges to handle the massive influx of illegal immigrants.

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