Trump To Sign Massive Order Protecting Religious Freedom, But It’s Different Than Expected

Making the announcement on Twitter, the White House informed America that President Trump is signing an executive order Thursday to protect our country’s religious freedom and free speech.

Taking the action on the National Day of Prayer, Trump indicated his order would benefit people of faith in America in four ways:

— “Delivers on the President’s commitment to protect religious liberty and Americans’ First Amendment rights.”


— “Puts and end to the federal government punishing Americans for standing up for their moral beliefs.”


— “Stop the IRS from revoking a church’s or nonprofit’s tax-exempt status if it chooses to support a political cause.”


— “Allows churches to speak on public policy without the threat of being censored by the federal government.”


But according to CBN News, there are key differences in the order Trump is signing Thursday and the first draft leaked this winter...STORY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE.

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