Trump Says: Iowa Caucuses Must be Redone

Donald Trump, on Monday after the Iowa caucuses, gave a surprisingly mild concession speech congratulating Ted Cruz.

Today, his tone was very different. In several Twitter messages, he called for the Iowa caucus to be either redone or invalidated. His reason was twofold. First, the Cruz campaign had circulated on Monday in Iowa information that Ben Carson was leaving the race; this could have led Carson supporters to switch to Cruz.


Second, the Cruz campaign sent out a mailer which was like a report card to Iowa voters giving them a grade based on their voting record. The Iowa government is looking into the mailer.

To Trump, these are evidence that Cruz obtained his victory through disputed tactics and the victory should be overturned. To the Cruz campaign, the two infractions were relatively minor and Trump should accept his second place finish and move on.

What will happen next? It is highly unlikely the Iowa results will be overturned, but look for more controversy as the New Hampshire primary comes looming next Tuesday!

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