Trump Reveals His Plan To Build Something "Big" And "Beautiful" In Syria

While the Democrats and Republicans engage in a war of words and actions over Obama’s plan to bring thousands of Syrian refugees to America, Donald Trump has laid out his radical plan to keep the flow of refugees off of American soil.


According to Breitbart, Trump declared at a campaign rally in Knoxville, Tennessee on Monday that instead of bringing the refugees to the U.S. he would keep them all in Syria.

“What I like is build a safe zone in Syria,” Trump said, “Build a big beautiful safe zone, and you have whatever it is so people can live, and they’ll be happier.”

“So you keep them in Syria.  You build a tremendous safe zone.  It’ll cost you tremendously less, much less, and they’ll be there.”  Trump elaborated, “When it’s all over they move back and they go back into their cities and they rebuild their cities and they start over again.”

Do you agree with Trump’s plan to keep the refugees in their own country so that they can return and rebuild once the conflict is over?


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