Trump Responds To FBI's Devastating Findings On Hillary's E-mails

The FBI has been dropping bombshell after bombshell on Hillary Clinton's campaign today after releasing the findings of their investigations into her mishandling of classified information on her private e-mail server. From the admission that she didn't seek proper permission to setup her server to the revelation that she frequently lost her Blackberry smartphones to an supposed inability to remember if she had ever gotten any training on how to handle classified information as secretary of state, this has not been a good day for Hillary.


Donald Trump addressed the fallout briefly while speaking with black leaders in Philadelphia, according to ABC News. He said Hillary's use of an unauthorized e-mail server reinforces the evidence of "her tremendously bad judgment and dishonesty" and "rampant conflicts of interest," especially in regards to the Clinton Foundation.

And he said her "reckless conduct and dishonest attempts to avoid accountability show she cannot be trusted with the presidency."

Even CNN has admitted that the continual release of damaging evidence against Hillary regarding all of this is part of the reason why she's rapidly losing ground to Donald Trump in the polls.

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