Trey Gowdy: 3 VITAL Questions The FBI Didn't Ask Hillary About Her E-Mails

On Fox News today, U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, a Republican who questioned FBI director James Comey's refusal to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton, said there were three vital questions the FBI didn't ask Hillary when they interviewed her.

1. Gowdy said Hillary's persistent answer to why she used a personal e-mail address for her government work rather than an official government e-mail address was because it was more convenient. But he said the FBI should have asked her how going through the huge effort to setup up her own personal e-mail server could have possibly been more convenient than using a readily available account.
2. Gowdy said the FBI should have also asked Hillary, "Why did you delete e-mails that you kept for a year-and-a-half? Why didn't you delete them the month you left? Why didn't you delete them six months after you left?"
3. Thirdly, Gowdy said they should have asked, "Why didn't you turn your e-mails over the day after you left service? Why did you hold onto them for almost two years?"

To many Republicans, the FBI's failure to ask Hillary these sorts of hard-hitting questions seems to signal a disturbing lack of interest in getting down to the truth.

What do you think about this?

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