Three BIG Companies Spark Controversy With Recent Advertisements

March marks Women’s History Month leading to many businesses getting involved in making a strong stance for women around the world. These controversial marketing campaigns are provoking heated conversations all over social media.

Here are three large companies currently promoting a campaign to support women:

1. Target: ‘Strong Like Mom’

Target released a new children’s T-shirt that says, ‘Strong Like Mom’. Many moms voiced their happiness, but some people believe the entire campaign is to stray away from the boycotting due to the company’s support in transgender rights.


“Of course, dads are strong, too, but sometimes the message (in society) is that moms are less strong; that we’re just supposed to be pretty and nice.”
-Katie Reyes, Blog Author

2. Nike: ‘What Will They Say About You?’

Nike recently aired a commercial that contains Muslim women participating in a variety of sports, encouraging them to ‘believe in more’ and ‘just do it’.

The major athletic company also announced that a new product, the ‘Pro-Hijab’, will be available for Islamic women in 2018. Many admire Nike’s response to this cultural value, but others think Nike shouldn’t be getting involved with religious beliefs.


3. Brawny: ‘#StrengthHasNoGender’

Brawny is sending a unique message throughout the month of March, ‘Strength Has No Gender’.

Twitter is blowing up with comments from both sides:

“Don’t men prove #strengthhasnogender as well?”

“Well I’m never using brawny again.”

“Awesome! Women from all walks of life. Well done.”

“Women aren’t a limited edition. Put men and women on your product all the time.”

Do you love or hate these controversial ads that are promoting Women's strength? Please share your opinions in our Facebook comments!

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