After Daughter's Accident At School, This Dad's Response Is Taking The Internet By Storm


A father in Utah has shown just how selfless dads are and what lengths they will go to in order to help their children feel comforted. 

On Friday, Ben Sowards received a call from his wife saying their 6-year-old daughter had an "accident" at school and was upset and crying because she had wet her pants. 

Sowards, of course, was heartbroken knowing his daughter was upset and embarrassed. So, he did what any dad would do. Before leaving to pick her up from school he splashed water on his own pants.



When he arrived at the school, he asked his daughter if he could borrow her backpack to cover up his accident. He said, "She looked at me with just the biggest incredulity," 


Thankfully, his oldest daughter, Lucinda was there to capture such a heartfelt moment. She posted the images and story to Twitter which then got retweeted over 62,000 times! Sowards and his wife have 11 children including four of their soon-to-be-adopted foster children. 

Lucinda also said when she had a black eye once after falling while ice skating, her dad painted a black circle around his eye to match. Sounds like he is quite the dad!

What do you think about this dad's awesome response to the situation?

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