The Transgender Law South Dakota Just Passed That Has Franklin Graham Applauding

Way to go, South Dakota! That's what Franklin Graham and many others are saying. Unlike others like Washington and Oregon who are bowing to the pressure of liberals and the LGBT community, South Dakota has taken a strong stance to say: No, we're not going to let our women and children be endangered. 



The Washington Post reports: "The ordinance was designed to give gays, minorities and others an avenue to fight discrimination in employment and other arenas. But critics, citing a provision barring discrimination against transgender people in public accommodations, successfully argued that the measure would give sexual predators access to women’s restrooms."

Praise God! The bill still has to be signed by the governor, but it is a wonderful advancement in the face of other states bowing to liberal fear-mongering. Will you pray that the bill passes and even spreads to other states? Thank you so much!


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