The Surprising Reason Behind The "War Room" Movie's Success

The reason for the film’s success?  Pastors and their congregations.


CBS News reports"Unlike most films, the team behind 'War Room' didn't rely on Hollywood's typical means of promotion of expensive commercials and glamorous premieres.  Instead, the filmmakers partnered with a network of influential pastors to promote a film with a decidedly Christian-based message -- a strategy that's turning it into one of the summer's biggest successes."

The filmmakers, Alex and Stephen Kendrick, believe the movie fills a need in the entertainment business:  "For people of faith, much of the entertainment that's out there is dishonoring to that faith, but we all want to see engaging, enriching, entertaining stories as well. So we long for that. We just want to tell it from a positive vantage point," Alex Kendrick shared.

Stephen credits churches for War Room's incredible box office opening weekend (bringing in almost 4 times its 3 million dollar budget): "We know that word-of-mouth is going to be the best promotion for any kind of movie, and so we'll show the whole film to leaders ad say, 'If you like it, help us spread the word. If you don't like it, you know, don't tell anybody.' But we've had some incredible support."

The Kendrick brothers were told that their film wouldn't succeed, but they chose to ignore the advice of mainstream Hollywood.  "I think there is a growing recognition that we need God," Alex Kendrick said,  "And I think when you look around our culture and you see what we're dealing with and to some degree we need an anchor."

The film has a largely African-American cast and tells the story of a couple whose marriage is struggling and witnesses the power of prayer.  It is touching many lives, with testimonies coming out of families who are being inspired to pray fervently.

Are you encouraged to see a movie like this succeeding so greatly?  Will you go see it?  Let us know your thoughts! 

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