The Supreme Court Is Back In Session. What's In Store For America Now?

Ever since the Supreme Court disregarded the constitution in their controversial decision in June to redefine marriage, we have been wondering:  What cases are coming up and how will their rulings change America even further?


The Supreme Court took to the bench on Monday to start a new term.  According to AP, a number of the upcoming cases are “sequels” or things that the Supreme Court has already ruled upon.  This includes abortion, race in college admissions, unions, immigration, and religious objection to paying for birth control. 

The first case being heard before the court is a California woman who lost her legs while attempting to board a train platform in Austria.  The issue is whether she can sue the Austrian government controlled railroad in U.S. courts.

Hundreds of other cases were rejected and will not be heard by the Supreme Court.  The highest profile case that was rejected was San Jose, California’s bid to lure the Oakland A’s to San Jose even though the MLB ruled against them.

We can only hope and pray that the Supreme Court will follow the constitution this time around when handing down their rulings.

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