The Secret Group That Is REALLY Benefitting From The New Transgender Bathroom Laws

We're hearing them spring up all over the country.  Transgender bathroom bills are being forced into schools and cities by the LGBT community, demanding that transgenders have access to the bathroom, changing room, and even shower of their choice. This opens the door for predators to come into girls' changing rooms and sexually abuse them.


So why are these bills passing? At a recent school board meeting in New Jersey, one man made an unsettling accusation that got him kicked out. Greg Quinlan, who used to be gay, accused Board President Jeffrey Steinfeld of pushing the bill forward to let transgender high school students use the opposite sex's bathroom for his own personal profit. (More upsetting, this bill applies to transgender school employees, i.e., adults sharing facilities with students.)

Steinfeld is also a defense attorney. Quinlan said that by pushing this bill, Steinfeld would get more business by having to defend more sexual predators. It's a terrible thought--to think that someone would purposely endanger children for his own profit--but increased sexual abuse is the obvious forthcoming consequence of this bill.  If you are a predator, and someone now lets you into the most vulnerable place with open access to unclothed women and children, what do you think is going to happen? And the more sexual predators, the more defense cases for attorneys.

Quinlan was kicked out of the meeting for his accusations, reports The Christian Post. Is it because the claim hit too close to home? We can't know for sure. But one thing we do know: this bill is terrible for women and children's safety, and we need to do everything we can to keep it from spreading. Do you agree?

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