The House Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Reveals A MASSIVE Conflict Of Interest

The House of Representatives is set to open a new investigation into the horrific revelation that Planned Parenthood is profiting from the sale of body parts from aborted fetuses.  However, the investigation might be neutered before it even begins.


According to Newsbusters, Nancy Pelosi selectively appointed 6 Democrats to head the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s investigation into the Planned Parenthood scandal.

“I am proud to name six strong champions of women, families and facts to stand up against the latest Republican assault on women’s health.  Hard working families deserve better than a taxpayer-funded Republican Select committee fixated on dismantling women’s health.  As Republicans try to take affordable family planning and lifesaving preventive care away from millions of American women, Democrats will be in the room to fight for the truth,” Pelosi said about her appointees.

In her bashing of Republicans and tax-payer funded inquiries into the Planned Parenthood horrors, Pelosi failed to disclose that the Democrats appointed to the committee have received over $81,000 dollars from Planned Parenthood.

The six democrats serving on the committee are: Jerrold Nadler, Jackie Speier, Bonnie Watson Coleman, Suzan DelBene, Diana DeGette, and Jan Schakowsky.  The amounts received from Planned Parenthood are as follows:

Rep. Jan Schakowsky: $11,865

Rep. Jerrold Nadler: $5,535

Rep. Diana DeGette: $36,735

Rep. Jackie Speier: $4,000

Rep. Suzan DelBene: $19,232

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman: $2,500

Not only have the Democrats received money from Planned Parenthood but DeGette was a member of the board of directors for Planned Parenthood in Colorado. 

This investigation is not likely to produce any meaningful results due to the clear bias and money ties.

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