The Horrific Hypocrisy Of This Year's National Prayer Breakfast

Imagine if someone was trying to ask you for something, all the while slapping you in the face. That's the tiniest picture of how God probably felt at this year's national Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. Our nation's leader came to pray and ask for God's blessing, while we have knowingly condoned the murder of countless babies. How can He answer those kinds of prayers?


Here, in a very strong (but very 'Liked') Facebook post, conservative blogger Matt Walsh points out the glaring hypocrisy of the latest Prayer Breakfast.




His words are strong, but (sadly) they ring true with many Americans. Do you, like Walsh, feel upset that those who tried to expose Planned Parenthood have been punished--while Planned Parenthood goes free, and even rewarded with funding? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! And if you would, say a prayer for our nation! We need it! Thank you.

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