The Fix Is In For Hillary. Gov’t Won’t Release THIS For 27 Months

The Department of Justice filed a motion in court on Wednesday to block the release of emails between Hillary Clinton’s top aides and top officials within the Clinton Foundation. The DOJ is also seeking to block the release of correspondence between Clinton’s aids and officials within Teneo Holdings, a company Bill Clinton is involved with.

If the motion passes, the emails would not be released until late 2018. By not releasing the emails it appears the Obama administration is doing everything in their power to censor any potentially damaging material that may be found in the emails. According to the Daily Caller, the motion censors emails from Clinton’s most trusted advisor Huma Abedin, Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Michael Fuchs, and Ambassador Melanne Verveer.

“The American people have a right to see these emails before the election,” the president of Citizens United, David Bossie said. He also said that withholding the potentially damaging correspondence is “totally unacceptable” and that “the State Department is using taxpayer dollars to protect their candidate.”

Do you think the emails should be released before the election?

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