The Duggars May Be Returning To TV. Here’s What We Know.

It appears that after a long hiatus due to Josh Duggar’s scandals, the rest of the Duggar family is getting back to work on their popular show “19 Kids and Counting”.

According to 9news, the family was recently spotted at a local store surrounded by camera crews.  Coupled with the fact that the family is still under contract to TLC only adds fuel to speculation.  A source confirmed that TLC still has a lot of interest in the Duggar family, especially some of the older Duggar girls.

There is currently no word if Josh who is still reeling and in rehab for his multiple scandals will be a part of the show.  However, Anna and her four children are living with the Duggar family.

TLC has not confirmed if the Duggar family will be back on the air, but camera crews don’t follow families around for no reason.

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