The Attack On Ben Carson That The Mainstream Media Is Mostly Ignoring

By now you well know that if a Republican candidate utters a phrase or sentence that sounds at all inflammatory or could possibly be used out of context, the mainstream media jumps all over it and skewers the candidate in front of their audience.  The liberal media calls on the candidate to resign and splashes the snippet of a quote as a flashy headline to present their misleading story.

When Ben Carson talked about how sharia law is not compatible with the Constitution, he was raked over hot coals by the media.  They called him anti-muslim.  They called him an Islamophobe.  They called on him to drop out of the race.

However, when an ivy league professor made an actual racist comment about Carson, the mainstream media largely ignored it.  According to Fox news, the religious studies professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Anthea Butler, tweeted out that, “if only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award”.  Her tweet was in response to Carson supporting the flying of the confederate flag at NASCAR events.


Butler quickly deleted the tweet and the school.  Did the mainstream media call for Butler to resign her post?  Of course they didn’t.  The university defended her and said she was a valuable member of the faculty.

Should Butler be fired?  Absolutely not.  She is protected by the 1st Amendment.  The real issue here is the mainstream media picking and choosing what they report on to further their bias and agenda.  They viciously attack any candidate they don’t agree with, all in the name of journalism.

Ben Carson is a very accomplished, successful, and respected man.  He deserves better.  It is one thing to disagree with his policies and statements, but it's another to attack him with racial slurs.

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