The # 1 Reason Obama And Liberals Defend Islam


There is unfair judgment going on. You can say whatever negative thing you want about Christians these days, but any blatant act of terrorism by Muslims is quickly dismissed. Wanting to protect your country from a group that has openly said it wants to harm it is now "un-American." Does that make any sense?

Matt Walsh, a conservative blogger at The Blaze, has a theory on why this is. In his latest article called "4 Insane Reasons Why Liberals Admire and Romanticize Islam," Walsh gives several reasons, but we like #4 the best: 

"4. They Hate Christianity. Everything in the world ultimately revolves around Christianity. Christ’s death and resurrection were the single most important events in the history of the universe, and now all people and all nations are finally defined by their acceptance or rejection of that truth. Liberalism rejects the truth, and it’s rejection is central to its existence, just as our acceptance is central to ours.

Liberalism is, then, nothing more than a protest against Christianity. It hates what is Christian and embraces or tolerates whatever is not. With this in mind, it makes sense that the modern liberal attacks Christianity while justifying Islam. First of all, attacking Christianity is literally the sole purpose of liberalism to begin with. Second, on a deeper and probably subconscious level, liberals find kinship in any enemy of the one true faith.

Radical Muslims and radical liberals are both radically hostile to the truth of Christ, and in that sense they have almost everything in common. The radical Muslim may choose to wage an assault on that truth by killing those who profess it, and the radical liberal may choose only to mock and belittle them, but fundamentally they have the same impossible goal: the destruction and dissolution of Christianity.

Liberalism is the kindred spirit of any other anti-Christian religion or ideology. Just take a look at the favorable coverage mainstream feminist blogs gave to the Satanic Temple this week if you need another illustration of my point. Liberalism will side with non-Christians over Christians every time, and there they will find some form of camaraderie — although the militant Islamist would happily hang them from a bridge all the same.

Of course, radical Muslims are enemies of Jews as well, but most Jews in America are liberal Democrats. How Jewish liberals, of all people, could be pleaders for jihadism is its own mind boggling question. Here we find the great paradox of liberalism, and of evil generally; that it at once worships itself and hates itself. Liberals Jews are clearly self-hating, but so are all liberals. To worship yourself is to hate yourself, because self-worship is idolatry, and the man who bows to idols separates himself from God, which is the greatest crime he can possibly commit against himself.

Liberalism drives a person to hate himself, hate God, and hate truth. For these reasons it is radical Islam’s most useful ally, and still remains the greatest threat to our civilization."

Pretty strong words, right? Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the Comment! We love to hear from you!

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