The # 1 Candidate The Media Is Afraid Of--And It's Obviously Not Trump

After watching the two Republican debates, you might have noticed that some candidates get asked questions more than others. And some get hardly any talk time.  Why? Blogger Matt Walsh says it's fear.


Walsh writes in his Facebook post:

"The media is scared of Ted Cruz. In both the Fox and CNN debate, he’s been snubbed by the moderators. When he does get a shot, he’s commanding. He’s right on most issues, he has an impressive resume, and he knows how to make his case, even if he tends to speechify more than speak like an actual human. But that’s a stylistic flaw, and I think it’s profoundly stupid to decline to support someone because of their speaking style. Really, America, let’s be adults.

Ted Cruz is my guy right now."

We noticed--especially in the first debate--that Cruz got little talking time. And we wanted to hear more from him, especially since his answers were so solid. Do you think the media is afraid of him? Who did you like hearing from the most? Share in the Comments; We LOVE hearing from you!

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