Texas Judge Will Perform Same-Sex Marriages If Couples Agree To His One Stipulation

The Supreme Court ruled against traditional marriage earlier this month and it has since forced conservative Christians in public offices to juggle their beliefs and convictions with the real threat of losing their jobs or being vilified by liberal media and LGBT groups.


Denton County Judge James DePiazza has found a way for him to continue in his job and uphold his convictions.  He does not agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling, but he will not stand in the way of performing them.  Judge DePiazza wants people to acknowledge his beliefs before they come before him to be married.

According to this recent Blaze article, Judge DePiazza has required the couples to sign a form acknowledging that they understand that he does not agree with same-sex marriages. 

The acknowledgment form on the Denton County Website reads:

“Judge DePiazza prefers to NOT conduct same-sex marriages, but will not decline anyone who chooses to schedule with him."

The form also states: 

"By our signatures below, we acknowledge that we will have a valid Texas marriage license at the time of the ceremony and understand that no ceremony will be conducted without the presentation of a valid Texas marriage license on the day of the ceremony.

While we may not necessarily agree with, we acknowledge Judge DePiazza’s position that he prefers not to conduct same-sex marriages and agree to not address the topic with Judge DePiazza before, during or after the ceremony.

We acknowledge and accept the conditions expressed above regarding the ceremony and payment requirements.”

The form was implemented by the Catholic judge to inform the same-sex couples of his beliefs and allow the couples to choose to have someone marry them that shares their same beliefs.  “It’s my personal belief that individuals who want to conduct a marriage ceremony understand my convictions.  If it was me, I would prefer to have someone who was in agreement with me”, Judge DePiazza said.

Do you agree with Judge DePiazza?  Do you agree with his Actions?  We would love to hear your thoughts!

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