Texas AG To Target: THIS Keeps Happening! You Have To Stop It!

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is telling Target that it must do more to protect its customers.


According to his official state website, Paxton said, "After this latest incident, I hope Target finally recognizes the importance of protecting its customers, especially in environments where they can be at their most vulnerable. I am offering them the resources of my office to help assist them in improving their safety procedures."

He noted two incidences in Texas at Target stores, one in May in Frisco where a man walked into the women's dressing rooms and recorded a young girl undressing and another one earlier this month in Dallas where a man entered the women's dressing rooms and photographed a woman undressing.

While extra security provided by the state of Texas could possibly help prevent more of these instances, a far more effective solution would be for Target to reverse its policy and restrict dressing rooms and restrooms to people's biological sex so that employees and customers can notify security when someone is trying to sneak into the wrong door.

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