Terry Crews Confesses His Porn Addiction To Help Free Others

So many are addicted to pornography--yet few find help to get free of it. It's not something people really want to talk about.  But confessing it is what is so powerful, says football-player-turned-actor Terry Crews. 


Terry was addicted to porn in such a dire way, it almost ended his marriage, reports Life Site News.  When his wife found out, Terry says, “My wife was like: ‘I don’t know you anymore…[She] could have decided: ‘I’m gone…That would have been it. That was her choice. She didn’t do it. She stayed with me. She knew I was repentant. She knew I was going to get help. She knew I was sorry.”

Terry now shares his story so that others can find the freedom he did.  “By not telling someone [the addiction] becomes powerful. By telling someone it loses its power,” Terry says. Watch his raw and honest video confession and offer to help. 


Terry's video has gone viral, with some 2 million views.  What do you think about Terry's video and his honesty in opening up? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments!


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