TERRIFYING New Footage Shows DRAMATIC Evacuation Of City In Flames

It's a like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie. Dashcam video by Fort McMurray, Alberta resident Michel Chamberland reveals a dramatic evacuation as streams of vehicles escape past walls of wind-whipped flames with roiling smoke and sparks showering everything in sight. If this video doesn't get your heart rate up, I don't know what will.

(It's worth watching the entire 6-minute clip, but if you want to see the most dramatic footage, skip to 1:22)

It's miraculous that all the people you see in this video, as far as we know, made it out. According to CBC News, the fire has destroyed over 1,000 homes in the northern Alberta metro area, known for its abundant oil production, along with hundreds of other structures. Nearly 90,000 people have been evacuated. With high winds and temperatures in the 90s, the fire continues to march across the city, decimating entire neighborhoods.

Donations are being made to the Canadian Red Cross, and according to Global News, residents in communities outside the danger zone are using Airbnb to offer up their homes and businesses as free lodgings for the tens of thousands of evacuees.

According to CBC News, at least 2 people have died during a vehicle collision amidst the evacuation.

Please continue to pray for our neighbors to the north.

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