Teen Girl Turns Superhero To Save Her Father’s Life

Virginia resident Eric Heffelmire was working on his pickup truck in his garage when the truck slipped off the jack and pinned him underneath.  In addition to being trapped, the accident had caused gasoline to spill out.  The gas ignited and set the truck and garage on fire.

The horrific scene set the stage for a real superhero to act.  Heffelmire’s daughter, Charlotte, came across the burning garage.  In an adrenaline fueled moment, Charlotte lifted the burning truck and freed her father.

“I couldn’t hear anything,” Charlotte said, “I kind of came into the garage and the garage was already on fire and really from there I kind of snapped into whatever super mode I had at that point and kind of do what I had to do.”

Charlotte’s heroics didn’t stop there.  In addition to saving her father’s life, Charlotte jumped into the burning truck and drove it out of the garage on three wheels and contained the fire in the garage.  She then went into the house and got everyone out safely, including her sister’s baby.  Charlotte then returned to the fire and trying fighting it with the garden hose until the fire department arrived.

The herculean efforts and quick thinking by Charlotte amazed her family and the community.  According to Fox News, Charlotte received a Citizen Life Saving Award from the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department.


Charlotte is planning to join the U.S. Air Force.  All of America is better off knowing that there is a real life superhero amongst their ranks, protecting all of us.

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