Ted Cruz Says What Obama WON’T Say About The Terror Attacks In Belgium.

In the midst of the horrific radical Islamic terrorist attacks in Belgium, presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said what no one in the Obama administration has been willing to say.

“Our hearts break for the men and women of Brussels this morning. Make no mistake, these terror attacks are no isolated incidents,” Cruz said. “They are just the latest in a string of coordinated attacks by radical Islamic terrorists perpetrated by those who are waging war against all who do not accept their extreme strain of Islam. Radical Islam is at war with us.

Cruz then spoke openly about why radical Islamic terrorists are freely attacking the western world.  “For over seven years we have had a president who refuses to acknowledge this reality,” Cruz said. “And the truth is, we can never hope to defeat this evil so long as we refuse to even name it. That ends on January 20, 2017, when I am sworn in as president.  We will name our enemy, radical Islamic terrorism. And we will defeat it.”

Contrast Cruz's comments with the leader of the free world's comments. Obama spoke from his visit to Cuba and offered his thoughts and prayers to the people of Belgium and said that Americans "stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people."

When it came time to name the people responsible for the terrorist attacks, Obama skirted the topic. "This is yet another reminder that the world must unite," Obama said. "We must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism."

Within a short period of time after the attacks, ISIS claimed responsibility for them.  This fight against radical Islamic terrorism can't be fought regardless of faith when it is one faith in particular that is responsible for all of the terrorist attacks around the world.

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