Ted Cruz Gives The REAL Story Of What Is Happening In Washington

In one of the most powerful speeches you’ll hear this election season, Ted Cruz calls out the corrupt dealings of the Republicans, Democrats, and even the mainstream media. 

“You want to understand the volcanic frustration with Washington?” Cruz asked. “It’s that Republican leadership in both houses will not fight for a single priority that we promised the voters we would fight for when we were campaigning less than a year ago”

Cruz also reveals why he believes that the speaker of the house, John Boehner resigned, “It’s actually a direct manifestation of this disconnect between the voters back home and the Republican leadership.  Speaker Boehner and leader McConnell promised there will be no shutdown so therefore they will fund every single priority of Barack Obama’s.”  He goes on to say that believes that Boehner cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi

Cruz doesn’t let up there.  He discusses a motion that had proposed which Republican leadership denied to vote on.  “Denying a recorded vote.  Why is that important?”, Cruz asked.  “Mr. President, when you are breaking the commitments you made to the men and women who elected you, the most painful thing in the world is accountability.  When you are misleading the men and women who showed up to vote for you, you don’t want sunshine making clear that you voted no.  A recorded vote means each Senator’s name is on it.”

While discussing the Planned Parenthood scandal, Cruz issued a strong rebuke of the mainstream media who refuse to acknowledge and show the videos.

The epic speech is 59 minutes long, but it does not lack fire power...

Do you agree with Cruz’s statements?

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