Ted Cruz Defends Jeff Sessions, Explains Why Trump's Pick Has Liberals Shaking In Their Boots!


When Donald Trump nominated Jeff Sessions to become the next Attorney General, liberals instantly came together to formulate a plan to stop his appointment.

Sessions is an outspoken critic of things such as allowing abortion and same-sex marriage.  While he says he will follow and enforce the laws, Sessions says he does not support some of them and will work to repeal them.

As liberals grilled Sessions in a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Ted Cruz helped to better explain just why American's should be in favor of Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General.

"I support Senator Sessions for attorney general for the very reason that many vehemently oppose him. Namely, I — and they — know that Sessions will enforce the law. The fact that this is controversial tells you all you need to know about the sorry intellectual state of our country’s elites, especially in the legal academy and federal bureaucracies. Senator Sessions believes in the foundational idea that we are governed by objectively knowable, written rules, and that we should not be subject to the interpretive whims of unelected, power-hungry bureaucrats. Sessions will instill this belief at the Department of Justice," wrote Ted Cruz.


"Many of Sessions’ opponents actually believe the Justice Department does not need reform. To them, the lawlessness is a feature, not a bug. President Obama—and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch—did not mess things up, in this view. Rather, they successfully transformed the DOJ from a law enforcement agency to yet another law “enhancement” agency. To them, Sessions is a threat because of his impartial commitment to the rule of law," Cruz continued.

Then Cruz caps it all off with a brilliant closing argument, summing up why he knows liberals are afraid of Trump's nominee.

He’s a law-and-order devotee about to enter a lawless DOJ. If I were them — if I wanted to keep DOJ as a partisan agency unbound by law — I’d be scared, too."

What do you think about this? Were you happy to see Cruz speak out in support of Sessions?

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