Taya Kyle wins sharpshooting contest and donates it all to charity!

Taya Kyle is the widow of "American Sniper" hero Chris Kyle.  Here is how she won the contest—only to give all the money away.


This week, Taya Kyle, the widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle, entered a precision shooting contest with world champion Bruce Piatt. She was using technology developed by the company Tracking Point that can help someone like her compete with a world champion.

When the smoke had cleared, she won! Of course, without the technology she could not have beaten the world champ. Even so, they were competing for a prize of $500,000—which she then gave to their charitable foundation to help military families reconnect after being deployed.

Taya is a dedicated Christian. Even after all she has been through with losing her husband, she is still working to help their foundation. According to Fox News, she said, "In the Bible it says God first, marriage second, kids third—when you do that everybody's solid and happy."

May God bless you Taya Kyle!

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