Target’s Plan to Increase Sales After Facing Massive Boycott from Conservatives

In April of 2016, Target publicly announced their open bathroom policy, supporting transgender individuals.

The announcement concerned many shoppers as the bathroom policy change creates a loophole for men to endanger women and children.

Many incidents have already occurred, including one man placing a camera in a women’s Target restroom. You can view a full list of incidents here.

However, Target continued to publicly display their support for LGBT rights by offering #TakePride clothing and accessory items for both children and adults, still upsetting many conservative Christians.

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Target’s sales have dropped drastically since the boycotts started, leaving many to believe the boycotts have been extremely effective.

Now, Target is making some major changes to try to boost sales again.

However, the company is not changing their bathroom policy or getting rid of their #TakePride clothing items...

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