Target Rushes To REVERSE Store Policy After BACKLASH Of Customer Complaints

Target rushed to reverse a new store policy after getting a backlash of complaints from its customers recently. But it's not the policy you're thinking of, and that's where the true irony lays.


According to Fortune, the retail chain had decided to test kid-sized shopping carts at 72 of their locations. The little buggies looked adorable, and some parents even posted photos on social media of their tiny tots pushing around the rolling baskets, trying to look like grown-up shoppers.

But the little carts came with an ankle-biting menace. Other customers began complaining of bruises on their legs and collisions with these "vehicles of mass destruction," as one blogger called them. Other parents complained of having to stop their kids from persistently plucking products off the shelves and dumping them into their buggies. One mom even started a "Mothers Against Stupid Tiny Carts" movement, which exploded on social media, and a dad threatened to boycott the retail chain if Target didn't get rid of the kid-sized carts.

Target promptly responded to the outrage and pulled every one of the little buggies from their stores.

They released a statement assuring customers, "At Target, our guests are at the center of everything we do, and we value their feedback. We briefly tested kiddie carts at 72 Target stores, and after reviewing guest and stores feedback, we have made the decision to stop the test."

Customers who actually still shop at Target can now rest assured that the flailing company has heard their concerns and done something about it.

Meanwhile, Target continues to ignore the 1.4-million-signature "Boycott Target Pledge" and the countless more former shoppers who are refusing to visit Target until the company reverses its transgender bathroom and dressing room policy and assures them that they and their kids will be able to shop in a safe environment. Back in April, the retail chain proudly announced that they were opening up all of their restrooms and fitting rooms to people based on their self-determined "gender identity" regardless of their biological sex. The new policy has already led to at least three instances (Frisco, Texas; Dallas, Texas; and Ammon, Idaho) of perverted men entering women's fitting rooms, without being questioned, and using cameras to spy on two women and a young girl.

But at least customers will know their ankles are safe from pint-sized carts.

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