Students BLOW AWAY School Officials With Common Sense After Their Diversity Push

Amidst a push for diversity and inclusivity, especially in education, some students are refusing to jump on the bandwagon.


According to Education Action Group, administrators at Raoul Wallenberg High School repeatedly tired to push freshman James Ortiz to run for class vice president because of his Hispanic last name, even though James identifies as white.

His mother Christina Martinez says school officials wanted James in office because it wanted diversity in student leadership in its mostly Asian school.

Martinez, who also identifies as white, says the assistant principal told her “Mrs. Martinez, you could understand as a fellow Latina what we’re looking for here. We only have Asian girls run for office and we want the Wallenberg website to show not only Asian girls.”

James refused to participate in the diversity push. Junior class treasurer Elisa Yeung mirrored his sentiments.

“Our school is predominantly Asian, so if Asian student run for student government, well, that’s inevitable,” she told a local newspaper. “People who are of a minority race, for example, if they don’t run maybe it’s because there are less of those students at our school.”

She then slammed the school administration with some more common sense, saying, “[Students] should learn the skills to be able to say 'I want to run for this and here’s why,' be able to tell people you should vote for me because of this, this and this. I think that’s a great way for us to learn as students.”

Is she actually suggesting that learning is more important than diversity in school? SHOCKING!

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