Student Stands Up To High School To Allow ‘Controversial’ Club

When Angelique Clark, a junior at West Career & Technical Academy in Las Vegas, submitted a request to start a pro-life club on the high school's campus, she was denied.


According to KTNV, the principal turned down the pro-life club on the grounds the topic of abortion was too "controversial" for a campus group, and it would make pro-choice people feel left out.

That's when the Thomas More Society, a national public interest law firm, stepped in.  After filing suit against the school, West Career & Technical Academy agreed to let the pro-life club go ahead.

In gratitude for the decision, Clark expressed "I am so excited that I will finally be able to start a pro-life club at my high school.  I started with the idea to provide a safe place to educate my fellow students on the beauty of life at all stages, and I am very thankful to Students for Life of America and the Thomas More Society for helping me defend my rights so that students at my school can now gather for life."

It's a small victory for pro-life supporters, but at least now more young people will get the opportunity to learn about the sanctity of life and meet like minded people.

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