Streets ERUPT With Anti-Trump Violence, Assassination Threats Overnight

Upset with the results of the presidential election, thousands of protesters and rioters decided to respond to democracy with mob violence overnight across the nation.


Cher and Madonna joined 7,500 anti-Trump protesters in New York, according to the UK Daily Mail, and a protest of 6,000 in Oakland, California turned violent as rioters started fires, blocked freeways, and clashed with police. An office block was set on fire after death threats against Trump were painted on its walls.


Protesters also blocked roads and set fires in other big cities like Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago; and Portland, Oregon. One video that has gone viral shows an elderly white Trump supporter in Chicago being brutally beaten, cursed at, and robbed by a mob of young black men, according to the UK's The Sun.

According to Mediaite, a CNN video shows a reporter talking to an Los Angeles protester who predicted casualties on both sides of the pro-Trump/anti-Trump fight and said protesters must fight back against the democratically-elected president.

"People have to die," she exclaimed.

On Twitter, numerous social media warriors called for assassinations on both President-Elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence, according to the Daily Caller.

And some conservative commentators don't believe these protests and riots are organic but rather are fueled by the same paid George Soros protesters organized for Black Lives Matter protests and demonstrations at Trump rallies. That assertion is backed up by Soros-back's call yesterday afternoon for mass demonstrations across America, according to Breitbart.

For conservatives, the election may be won, but the battle is not over.

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