Some Are Calling THIS Trump Speech His Best Ever

Speaking at the ribbon cutting for Trump International Hotel just a couple blocks away from the White House in Pennsylvania Avenue on Wednesday, Donald Trump flexed his business chops by using his completed redevelopment of the historic building into a hotel "under budget and ahead of schedule" as a metaphor for what he'll do in D.C. as president.

Here's the speech that some are calling his best ever:

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Trump's speech really takes off at 6:15 in the video)

What do you think of it?


"Today is a metaphor for what we can accomplish for this country. Same kind of thing. This building is a historical landmark, a true American original. It had all of the ingredients of greatness, but it had been neglected and left to deteriorate for many, many decades. It sat there so beautiful and so empty and was falling into a very, very bad state of condition. It had the foundation for success. All of the elements were here. Our job was to restore its former glory, honor its heritage, but also to imagine a brand new, exciting vision for the future — to create a new place for people and families to come to together, and a magnificent place at that. I've been very lucky, and I've led a great life. Now I want to give back to the country, which I love so much and has been so good to me. I want to go into the inner cities; the poor, rural communities; and the failing schools, and I want to work on a national plan of revitalization. I'm tired of the excuses from our politicians. I'm tired of being told what cannot be done. I'm tired of people asking Americans to defer their dreams to another day, but really what they mean is to another decade. Enough waiting. The time is now. We can achieve our goals for this country, and we can do so more quickly than anyone ever thought possible. There is nothing we cannot accomplish. The United States is great. It's great. It's people are great. There is no task or project too great. There is no dream outside of our reach. Don't ever let anyone ever tell you it can't be done. The future lies with the dreamers, not the cynics and the critics. Everywhere I go into this country, all I see is untapped potential waiting to be set free. And the biggest element of all is our incredible people. The people of this country are just waiting. They're waiting and waiting, and I think, maybe now, their time has come. But we will realize, never, that the potential we continue to put on our faith and the faith of our country, and we have to say, the word 'never' will always have to be taken out, because we have such tremendous potential. We have to choose the most optimistic path. We have to choose to believe, not our politicians that in many cases truly don't know what they're doing, but to believe in ourselves and in our country. If we do that, anything is possible. I'm asking America to join me in dreaming big and bold and dream for wonderful things in our future. Let's close the history books on the failures in Washington, and let's open a new chapter of success and prosperity for all of our people. We have a divided nation. A seriously divided nation. All of our people. That is how we will truly make America great again."


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