Sheriff David Clarke SLAMS Hillary's Historic Nomination BRILLIANTLY

Last night, Hillary Clinton "broke through the glass ceiling" by being the first woman nominated as the presidential candidate of a major political party. And the fact that she was the first woman was emphasized again. And again. And again, despite the fact that Fox News' Megyn Kelly claimed that "[Hillary's] gender is something that gets mentioned, but it’s not the dominant theme,” according to BizPacReview.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has responded to the historic nature of Hillary's nomination with a brilliant slam on Twitter: "7 years ago we socially engineered Obama as the 1st black POTUS. What a disaster. Let's not repeat the mistake. We need a leader not a '1st.'"


He also tweeted something that will certainly be seen as highly controversial, writing, "That black dads were not featured at the Democrat convention is why we have Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray."

He posted that along with a meme that read, "When there are not fathers around to shape a young black boy's behavior, he grows up an unsocialized misfit that cops have to deal with aggressively."

On a lighter note, the oft-serious Sheriff Clarke also showed his humorous side, posting an image of one of Hillary's convention night outfits and comparing it to the fashion of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.


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