See How Many Jobs A California Green Jobs Initiative Has Created In 3 Years

A California ballot measure aimed at creating clean energy jobs by improving energy efficiency in schools has resulted in less than 4% of the promised jobs in three years.  Currently only 1,700 jobs have been created despite promises of 11,000 new jobs per year.

According to the Associated Press, over half of the nearly $300 million given to green school projects has gone to auditors and consultants, and to an oversight board has never even met. 

"Accountability boards that are rubber stamps are fairly common, but accountability boards that don't meet at all are a big problem," said Douglas Johnson, an expert at Claremont McKenna College.

As a result, not a single project has been completed in any over the Los Angeles Unified School District's almost 1,000 schools. The district has saved only $1.4 million a year in energy savings as opposed to the promised $27 million.

Kirk Clark, vice president of the California Business Roundtable, has pointed out that, "We've got a long track record in California of over-promising green jobs and under-delivering."

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