Saying "God Bless You" Could Get You In Trouble With This Texas Professor

Be careful when you sneeze in a University of Texas Rio Grande Valley professor's classroom. You might get a classmate in trouble.


According to Fox News, an instructor at the university distributed a syllabus that identified saying "God bless you" after someone sneezes as a prohibited distraction in the class.

The name of the professor is not clear, but an image of the syllabus went viral online, prompting some students to say that the professor was limiting their religious freedom.

KGBT Action 4 News reported Marcos Villarreal saying "It's kind of ridiculous, first amendment, freedom of religion. It’s there. We shouldn't have to block that out of school."

Student John Taylor also commented, "You shouldn't have a boundary on what you believe in, especially in the classroom. I would've not said anything, but it would've bothered me because as common courtesy, I say 'God bless you' to people who sneeze.”

The university released a statement saying that "The intent was not to limit the religious freedoms of UTRGV students, but to avoid unsolicited comments that might distract others."

However, the "God bless you" restriction has been removed from the syllabus.

Do you think students are overacting to the ban, or is the professor the one who is being ridiculous?

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