Rush: Kasich Said WHAT?!

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was incredulous today when he read the Washington Examiner headline: "Kasich rules out vice president role, is open to Dem running mate."


According to the Washington Examiner, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich was asked by CNN if he'd be open to being vice president to either of the GOP frontrunners, Donald Trump or Ted Cruz.

Kasich replied adamantly, "There is zero chance I would be vice president with either of them. Below zero, actually."

But what really got Rush going is when Kasich said he'd be willing to reach across the aisle when selecting his vice president running mate.

At a town hall meeting in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, Kasich said about his VP pick, “Just because someone happens to be a Democrat doesn’t mean they’re disqualified."

He defended the statement by comparing himself to Obama, adding, "President Obama, he had his secretary of defense, Bob Gates, a Republican. And I think Bob did a fantastic job for him.”

Rush commented, "You, me, everybody else thinks [Democrats] are the architects of the disaster that is happening all across the country. We don't want to work with those people. We want to defeat them politically, and here comes Kasich! It's all about him. That whole thing, saying that he would be way open to choosing a Democrat? Kasich is taking the occasion here to try to sell himself as something unique and special. This has gone to his head. This is somebody that's lost in themselves."

Do you agree with Rush's analysis?

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