Rush: Is Trump's Willingness To Make Deals With Democrats A Red Flag?

On Tuesday during a MSNBC "Morning Joe" interview, Donald Trump made it clear that he's willing and able to work with people on the other side of the aisle.

On Tuesday during a MSNBC "Morning Joe" interview, Donald Trump made it clear that he's willing and able to work with people on the other side of the aisle.

According to the Washington Times, Trump said, “I’ve always had a good relationship with Nancy Pelosi. Frankly, if I weren’t running for office, I’d be able to deal with [Pelosi], I’d be able to deal with Reid — I’d be able to deal with anybody. But I think I’d be able to get along very well with Nancy Pelosi and just about everybody."

And in referring to Cruz — who Trump criticized as not being liked by anyone — he commented, “It’s wonderful to say you’re a maverick, and you’re going to stand up and you’re going to close up the country … but you got to get somebody to go along with you.”


On his nationally syndicated radio talk show, Rush Limbaugh pointed out that Trump's willingness to make deals with Democrats could raise flags for conservatives who have been hearing the same sentiments from establishment Republicans who seem too willing to bend to The Left's demands.

Rush said, "...every time [an establishment Republican said they'd work with Democrats], we cringed, or worse. Every time one of them said it, we said, 'We don't want work with them. We want to beat them. We want to defeat them. We don't want to work with them.' We don't want to compromise our core in order to get along with 'em, because that's what happens. They don't compromise anything. We give up everything, we work with 'em. Latest example, the budget deal."

But later in his program, Rush defended Trump's ability to make good deals.

Rush said, "[The people now running the government] do the dumbest deals ever. But Trump is gonna do smart deals, because that's what his life is. He does deals for everything, and he runs rings around everybody."

Rush added, "He wrote a book on how to do deals better than anybody else. Even after telling everybody how to do deals, they still can't do 'em better than he does. And he's defined all of this as pro-America, i.e., for the people. Making America great again."

Does Rush make a good argument, or do Trump's comments still raise a red flag for you?

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