Rush: Here's What Happens When Fox Host Tries To Argue With Anti-Trump Protester

On his conservative radio talk show today, Rush Limbaugh brought an episode up Fox News host Tucker Calson's recent show — which Rush says may be one of the "most interesting and engaging shows" on Fox — where Tucker tries to use logic in arguing with a young anti-Trump, pro-illegal immigration protest leader at Rutgers University. Watch:

Rush commented on the clip, exclaiming, "So no matter what Tucker Carlson tried — no matter what logic, the law, no matter what he tried — he could not disabuse this student of the idea that we can't survive as a country doing that and that the country must have borders and that a country must determine who gets in and who does not. [The student] thought that was the paramount example of discrimination and bigotry and all of these buzzwords these people use."

What do you think of this?

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