Rush Had THIS Advice For Trump Today

Donald Trump has been hit with a tsunami of criticism lately as he's fired back at opponents who have criticized him. Despite nominating him as the Republican presidential choice, numerous members of the party leadership have started turning their back on him.

On his conservative radio talk show today, Rush Limbaugh had a piece of advice for the embattled candidate.


Addressing how Trump responds to critics, Rush said, "I do believe that he's taking way too much of this personally. And I think the reason he's taking it personally is because, A, it's his nature. His whole life has been built on not accepting attacks, not ignoring them. He answers them."

But, Rush says, "Now he's in presidential politics. what he doesn't get is that throwing Khizr Khan and his wife on stage at the Democrat National Committee and any of these other attacks are not personal. They really aren't."

He added, "I believe the reason that he takes everything so personally beyond his nature is ... he doesn't have an ideological grounding. It's just not how he looks at the world or people. Khizr Khan is there as part of a left-wing liberal strategy that has to be beaten back, not the guy personally."

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