Rush Calls Out Major Retailer For Being CLUELESS

Pro-life conservative have had their voices heard! According to the Chicago Tribune, Lands' End clothing company — based out of Wisconsin — has apologized for featuring an interview with abortion activist Gloria Steinem in their spring catalog. The apology came after numerous customers and pro-life advocates flooded the company with complaints and calls for boycotts. Two private religious schools even announced plans to end their contract with the company for uniforms.


On his conservative radio talk show today, Rush Limbaugh asked why Lands' End was surprised by their customers' negative reaction to the Steinem feature.

Rush explained that it's, "because the CEO of Lands' End lives among a bunch of leftists, and that's all the CEO of Lands' End knows. Here you have the CEO of a major American corporation clueless that by statistical analysis, over half of his or her customers oppose Gloria Steinem, maybe more than that oppose her, and certainly oppose abortion."

Rush added, "The point is, these leftists — particularly New York, Boston, Washington — lead the most insular lives. They do nothing but hang around with like-minded people, and they have no clue."

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