Rush: 3 DESPERATE Ways The Establishment Is Trying To Thwart Trump

Rush Limbaugh believes the Republican establishment has three big strategies for ending the continued popularity of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump before he can secure the nomination.

On his conservative talk show, Rush outlined the three-prong attack and gave his opinion on how they would work:


1. Sit back and let Trump sink himself. The Republican establishment, along with the mainstream media, is convinced his momentum is faltering or that he's not really in the race for the long haul. But Rush points out that nothing yet has shown that to be true.
2. Pit Marco Rubio against Trump by getting Ted Cruz out of the way. Rush says the establishment's best move would be to rally behind Cruz to topple Trump, but they don't like Cruz. He says Rubio is closer to the establishment.
3. Deny Trump the required 1,237 delegates for the nomination. If Trump doesn't get the minimum required delegates, then the nomination selection will be wide open. It won't even be a brokered convention if the establishment nominates someone other than Trump. But Rush thinks that if Trump is short a few delegates, he can convince some to leave another candidate and come to his side.

Do you think these attacks will work?

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