Republicans Unanimously Select U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Kentucky's Mitch McConnell has been tapped again to lead the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate.


According to the Boston Globe, the 74-year-old McConnell was just unanimously re-elected to the position he has been in since last year and will now serve during President-Elect Donald Trump's upcoming administration. McConnell was previously the Senate minority leader for eight years.

McConnell has been drawing the ire of Democrats lately after roadblocking Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland for U.S. Supreme Court.

Yesterday, in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, Paul Ryan was re-elected Speaker of the House, according to CNN. Ryan has rankled some conservatives by being too moderate and compromising in their eyes and by opposing presidential nominee Trump before finally campaigning for him shortly before the election.

Also just now, the Senate Democrats elected New York's Chuck Schumer to be their new minority leader, according to USA Today. He will replace Harry Reid.

And in other news, former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is running for House minority leader, according to Politico.

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