Remember That Time That Obama And Clinton Banned Muslims? We Do.

It is a favorite rallying cry of liberals and democrats to demonize Donald Trump every time that he calls for a temporary ban of immigrants from Muslim countries with ties to radical Islamic terrorists.

After the deadly terrorist attack in Orlando, Trump once against called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both begged the American people not to blame the Muslim faith for the attack. They also both blasted Trump for suggesting that the Muslim faith had anything to do with the attack.

Media pundits and journalists were quick to portray Trump as a racist for his proposed ban. But what they refuse to acknowledge is that Trump is in essence proposing to do what the Obama administration did back in 2011.  According to the Conservative Review, Obama and the state department put a temporary halt to all immigrants coming from Iraq for at least six months after an investigation revealed that two Iraqi immigrants living in America were actually Al Qaeda terrorists.

The two terrorists had engaged in making bombs and attacking American soldiers in Iraq. After they left Iraq they entered the United States as refugees and lived quietly amongst American citizens in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Not only were they brought over to America, the terrorists were given public housing and public assistance.

This incident begs the question, why is it ok for Obama and Hillary to ban Muslims but when Trump suggests it, it is racist and un-American?

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