Recording Artist Arrested On Multiple Charges


Recording 24-year-old hip-hop/ rap artist, Tory Lanez, was arrested on multiple charges April 12th in Broward County, Florida.

Charges include the following: failure to register a vehicle, failure to show proof of insurance, driving without a valid license, possession of marijuana (first degree misdemeanor) and illegal possession of a concealed firearm (third degree felony).

Lanez is a very popular artist in Canada since his hometown is located in the country, but is also well-known in the United States since he now resides in Florida.

His album, ‘I Told You’, hit number four on the Billboard 200 chart late last year and he is set to tour with Future early May of 2017. Future is an American rap artist who has ranked number one on the Billboard 200 multiple times.

Lanez's YouTube channel also has millions of hits on nearly every published song.


According to another news source, the artist has been bonded out of jail.

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