Raw Confession: What saved Phil and Kay's Marriage

"I'd been fighting for this marriage for a long time, and it's not working..." said Kay. 

You may have heard the story of Phil and Kay's marriage, but you probably haven't heard it this raw. 

Phil and Kay married young and started having babies right away. But as Miss Kay raised their young boys, Phil began to party and grow farther and farther from his family. But when Phil would leave his family to go with his drinking buddies, Miss Kay would tell her boys: "That's not your daddy. That's the devil in your daddy."

She began to pray, and a preacher went to visit Phil. When he told him about the man who died on the cross for his sins, Phil said he was blown away. Let him tell you about how his life radically changed after believing in Jesus:

I am so glad that Jesus changed Phil's life and that Duck Dynasty was created! I've gotten so many laughs from that show...and my heart has been uplifted from watching the strong family bond. How about you? What do you love about the Robertson family?

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