Pro-Trump Students Accused of HATE CRIME After They Chanted THIS

The principal of a Connecticut high school is accusing seven or eight of his own students of committing a hate crime after they chanted one word a number of times during a basketball game against a predominantly black and Latino school.


What was the one word?

According to the Associated Press, it was “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez of the opposing school’s district agreed with the Canton High School principal Andrew DiPippo that the chant had crossed the line between free speech and hate speech, calling it “unacceptable conduct” and “emotional harassment.”

Canton’s district superintendent Kevin Case apologized to Classical Magnet School in Hartford on Thursday morning, according to the Hartford Courant.

He and other school officials condemned the pro-President Trump students’ behavior as “divisive” and are continuing their investigation into the matter.

DiPippo wrote a letter to families, saying, "While students' right to free speech and forming educated opinions about politics and current events is a cornerstone of our educational system, the exact point where political opinion converges with disrespect, discrimination or hate speech must be separated."

The students from the Hartford area have been “taunted” at least once before, when last year fans from Farmington at a girls basketball game chanted at the opposing team from Capital Prep: “SAT scores! SAT scores! SAT scores!”

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