Pro-Gay Group Makes SHOCKING Admission About Transgender Children

A group of doctors, psychologists, professors, and social workers have banded together to expose and stop the harmful transgender agenda that is being forced upon the country.  However, it is not a group of conservatives that is leading the charge. This protest comes from the liberal left itself.

Youth Trans Critical Professionals is a group whose members identify themselves as being “pro gay rights” and “left leaning.” According to the Christian post, the liberal group says that children are being preyed upon on the internet for their vulnerability to believe that they themselves may believe that they are transgender. 

“In many cases, these young people may be suffering from mental health problems such as anxiety or depression that leave them easy prey to the cult-like tactics of these online trans activists,” The group said.

Even more damaging than the propaganda that is readily available to children online is the fact that a growing number of doctors and mental health workers are agreeing and supporting the child’s self-diagnosis.

“We are alarmed by the trend among mental health professionals to affirm a young person’s self-diagnosis as transgender with minimal exploration,” The group said in a statement. “In many cases, these young people come to identify as trans after binges on social media sites such as tumblr, reddit, or YouTube. There is evidence that vulnerable young people are being actively recruited and coached on such sites to believe that they are trans.”

Anyone who is a parent knows how incredibly malleable and vulnerable their child is. They will believe anything they are told whether it is true or not. That is why they must be protected against outside influence until they are able to determine right from wrong and reality from fantasy.

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