President Trump’s Ex Wife Has A Story To Share!


President Trump’s ex wife, Ivana Trump, has a story she wants to share about her and Donald J. Trump’s three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

To share her motherhood-focused story, she is releasing a memoir, ‘Raising Trump’, that will be published September 12th.

Ivana’s story is mainly about her adventure in motherhood, but also includes information about her personal childhood in a communist country and how she overcame that battle.


Ivana said in a statement:

"I was a tough and loving mother who taught them the value of a dollar, not to lie, cheat or steal, respect for others, and other life lessons that I'll share now in 'Raising Trump,' along with unfiltered personal stories about Don, Eric, and Ivanka from their early childhood to becoming the 'first sons and daughter'."

According to the Associated Press, the three children are excited about the upcoming book and praise their mom for being such an inspiration.

Are you interested in Ivana’s story?

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